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March AZPOSH User Group Cancellation

March AZPOSH User Group Cancellation

The March 2nd meeting of the Arizona PowerShell User Group is cancelled due to schedule issues.   Please let your friends know. 

There will still be user group meetings for SharePoint, Connected Systems, and Silverlight if you would like to attend one of those.

NEWSFLASH:  We have a very special speaker that will be presenting at the May 4th meeting.  We will be announcing this very special presenter in March.  Only RSVP seating will be locally available, however we will be broadcasting remote as well.  You really want to be here for this one!!

NEWSFLASH:  Only one person has had a chance to responded to the scripting challenge so far, so we will be running this challenge until March 21st.

The prizes that we are giving out for the different levels of the challenge are free passes to the June 14th IT Conference here in Phoenix.  

This is a level 300 and 400 conference covering many topics such as Exchange 2010, PowerShell, Active Directory, SQL, SharePoint and more.  Speakers will include folks from Microsoft, and some familiar faces as well.  (Yes, Jason and Mike).  Tickets for the event cost $400.

Mark MacLachlan responded to the challenge and will win one of these passes.  Thanks for the support Mark!

We will be handing out prizes to the winners of the scripting challenge at the April meeting.  Anyone can try, you do not need to be a member of AZPOSH.  Try the challenge, it will be worth it!

Please email your solution(s) to by March 21st.

Here is the challenge;

Level1: The CIO is concerned that you are not aware of servers that are reaching disk capacity. Due to the lack of other monitoring software, the CIO would like you to report on each server and track the current disk capacity.

Level2: The CIO wants to make sure you are aware of servers that exceed a threshold of 80% disk capacity. This process should be able to alert you 24 hours a day when a disk exceeds the threshold.

Level3: Due to the dynamic nature of your business, servers are added and removed from your network on a regular bases. The CIO needs your solution to handle this without any future revisions to your code. Keep in mind, the CIO wants to know if a server was unable to be scanned.

Good Luck!