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Hello everyone,

If you haven’t heard yet, the 2014 Winter Scripting Games are right around the corner!  The practice event starts January 6th (that’s just two short weeks away) and the first event starts January 19th.  As you may also know, The Scripting Games are team based this time with 2-6 participants per team.  The idea is to get people thinking more like colleagues and less like individuals… i.e. collaborate with your peers instead of just scrambling around on Bing/Google.  There is more information here:

AZPOSH is going to have at least one, maybe two teams.  Right now, we have 9 people who have expressed interest in being on the team (I will send a note to you 9 confirming).  If you are interested (or changed your mind about being involved), please send me a note by next Monday January 30th.  You can use email, the Contact page, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever you’d like as long as I get it… we’re trying to nail down how many teams we’ll have.  Team formation and registration with the Scripting Games will begin January 2nd.

On a side note, I want to remind everyone that we are not having our January meeting next Wednesday.  Instead, we’re having a meeting on Wednesday, January 15th @ 6PM with Don Jones.

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