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Don Jones, Live! Everywhere! RSVP NOW!

It is the pleasure and honor of the hosts of the Arizona PowerShell User Group to welcome the super guru MVP, teacher and consultant of PowerShell, Don Jones.  He will be the featured speaker on May 4th and introduce his new book, “Learn Windows PowerShell In A Month Of Lunches”. If your just starting out with PowerShell, or a seasoned veteran, you need this book on your shelf.  See Jason Helmick’s blog post for more information.

AZPOSH will be broadcasting the event live with InterfaceTT RemoteLive technology.  You will be able to see and speak to Don.  If you’re in Phoenix or would like to attend remotely, RSVP and receive a confirmation as seats are limited and filling fast.

Seating locally, and via RemoteLive is limited.  RSVP NOW!




Windows-Live-Writer-9757e425b820_FAFC-_thumbDon’t miss this.  It’s free and available EVERYWHERE!

Go, right this minute and RSVP on the RSVP page of


Flash! Get Don Early!!!



Don will be in Phoenix all day in fact.  If you’re here in Phoenix, stop by the Microsoft Office in Tempe. Harold Wong from Microsoft has organized a series of TechNet Events taking place in 5 different cities (including Tempe, AZ) where Don Jones will be delivering 3 solid hours of PowerShell content and raffling off an autographed copy of his latest PowerShell book. 

See Harold’s blog for details…..

TechNet Events Presents: Meet Windows PowerShell – No Matter Who You Are

DON’T MISS THIS!  No matter where you live, you have a great chance to hear and speak from one of the top masters!

The AZPOSH team,

Knowledge is PowerShell

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