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Enter the Shell Script Challenge

Hello everyone!

Here are the business requirements for the script challenge. Please email your solution(s) to by February 21st. Winners will be announced at the next meeting on March 2nd and will receive prizes.

Level1: The CIO is concerned that you are not aware of servers that are reaching disk capacity. Due to the lack of other monitoring software, the CIO would like you to report on each server and track the current disk capacity.

Level2: The CIO wants to make sure you are aware of servers that exceed a threshold of 80% disk capacity. This process should be able to alert you 24 hours a day when a disk exceeds the threshold.

Level3: Due to the dynamic nature of your business, servers are added and removed from your network on a regular bases. The CIO needs your solution to handle this without any future revisions to your code. Keep in mind, the CIO wants to know if a server was unable to be scanned.

Good Luck!

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