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Big announcement and update

The first meeting of the Arizona PowerShell Group will be on April 7th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

First, the update.

Flash: Update!

The launch of the first Arizona PowerShell meeting, with the CEO of Sapien Technologies, is turning out to be a huge success.  We have exceeded capacity! All of you that have RSVP’d by today (03.26.10) are guaranteed a seat and food!  We have a couple more seats available, so if you haven’t RSVP’d, you better soon.  If you decide to “just show up”, we will welcome you with open arms and find room for you, but we may not have food.  So RSVP today!

At this first meeting Dr. Rios will speak, then we will open the floor to discuss the direction of the group, and the direction you want the group to go.  We will be making decisions in this meeting for the future, so show up with your ideas!

Flash: Big Announcement!

I’m honored to announce that I have a Co-leader and founder of AZPOSH. 

I’m a teacher, and somewhat out-of-touch.  This causes a problem for folks in the real world.  I also work for InterfaceTT, the training center where the meeting is held.  I don’t want people to think that I’m trying to sell training during these meetings, and because I’m somewhat out-of-touch, I don’t always have the best answer.   So I need someone that does……..

I wanted someone that was in the industry, a real heavy hitter, someone that worked everyday in the trenches as an Engineer.   I wouldn’t settle for just anyone, I wanted one of the best, that lived in the large Enterprise.  I wanted someone that was a PowerShell expert, and used it everyday to solve Engineering and automation problems.  I also wanted someone that was an expert in a technology other than PowerShell.  I wanted to make sure that YOU had the best technical person to help drive this User Group. 

I wanted someone smarter than me, better than me, and more in-touch than I.  The first person I could think of was my friend Mike Pfeiffer.  I sent him an email, and he accepted the offer. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet my friend Mike Pfeiffer.



Mike is a highly experienced Engineer and a PowerShell expert.  His main technology focus at the moment is Exchange 2010.  He is absolutely one of the smartest guys I’ve met, and an extreme expert at Exchange.



Many of you know I worked with the Exchange team on the courseware for the official MS courseware for Exchange 2010.  Mike knows more than I do, and is better at using PowerShell for Exchange than I am.  He is perfect for this job.

Check out his blog at:

Play that funky music…..

I know what your saying…..great ……two bald guys………


We could always use one more for the upcoming new band…..

New band?

Yes…………..The PowerShell Trio…(BlueMan photo stolen for this blog)


Wanna shave your head?

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