AZPOSH | Arizona PowerShell User Group

Special Announcement!

I’m very proud and honored that at the first meeting of the AZPOSH user group we will have Dr. Ferdinand Rios, CEO of Sapien Technologies speaking.  You all know the premier package PrimalScript, and we will have the CEO actually here!

Dr. Rios has fascinating insights into the enterprise scripting/automation environment.  PowerShell  is their forte! Why would you miss this?

Come see the greatest scripting management environment available on April 7th, 2010!  Also;

    • Decide the direction of the group
    • Decide future topics
    • Decide web access and script support

Seating is limited and over-booked at this point.  Please RSVP to confirm a seat (and food) at the meeting.  Confirm your seat at:

If you don’t send an RSPV, seating (and food) is not guaranteed.  Please respond ASAP.  Seats are filling quickly.

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