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Great first meeting!

Last Wednesday was the first meeting of the Arizona PowerShell User Group at Interface Technical Training. Over 25 people came to the first meeting, lots of pizza and PowerShell goodness flowed.

Speaker: Dr. Ferdinand Rios of Sapien Technologies

Dr. Ferdinand Rios, CEO of Sapien Technologies arrived a few hours early, that’s him in the middle in between Mike Pfeiffer and myself, Jason Helmick. We spent a couple of hours hounding Dr. Rios with questions about Sapien, his past, the future of the scripting industry and how it affected Sapien’s direction. He was most gracious with us, and was a wonderful speaker to the AZPOSH group.

The meeting began quickly and Ferdinand showed spectacular speaking skills. He dazzled us with a demonstration of the future product “Visual PowerShell”. It was amazing. If you have used PrimalForms before, than the concept is the same, creating visual applications using PowerShell, however, there is so much more in this release.

Just a few of the new features that Ferdinand demonstrated…..

  • Multiple Forms
  • Snippet Library (really cool. Take and code you write and you can save it to a library so that you can easily paste it anywhere in the future.)
  • Powershell Console in the editor
  • Extensive help

He also spoke of the new update to iPowerShell. If you have an iPhone or iPad, get this free App from the App store. It is great for keeping PowerShell help nearby for when you need it. It also supports playing the excellent training video’s that PowerShell Expert Don Jones has done.

Dr. Rios was a real treat to have and he gave away software and goodies to everyone before he left. A huge “Thanks!” and we look forward to having him back.

The Future of AZPOSH
The rest of the meeting was dedicated to discussing how the structure of future meetings will be held. The group discussed several ideas, and here is the outline that we will be starting with.

  1. Speaker (If available)
  2. Beginner’s PowerShell section
  3. Advanced PowerShell section
  4. Highlight Script Debugging
  5. Script Club (Team based scripting to solve common business problems)

The format will change over time, but it will be a great start for us! Beginners and Advanced PowerShell users will get tidbits in every meeting, along with the chance to work on work-related problems with your peers. The best part, sharing knowledge about managing products that use PowerShell. We will have members of AZPOSH demonstrate how they solve problems with VMware, Exchange, SharePoint and more using PowerShell!

We are lining up some fantastic speakers now, (like Brian McCann, MVP of Active Directory) so if your interested please send an email.

Stuck at work? No problem, Stuck at home? No problem.

Thanks to Interface Technical Training, we will be able to broadcast the AZPOSH meetings LIVE! Using Interface’s new “Live” classroom design (Hi-def video feeds, Smartboards and two-way audio, our meetings will be viewable anywhere in the world! You can sit at home, or your desk at work, talk to us and other members, completely view and participate in the AZPOSH meetings.

We will announce the first meeting to use “Live” in a about two months.

Of course, we still want everyone that can to show up at Interface for the meetings to help us eat all this pizza!

Member Support
We have some of the best members. Everyone is getting into the spirit of using PowerShell. One of our members, John Wethington (aka PoshCruiser), even rides his BMW PoShMobile. Now that’s what I call support!
Email your photo of PowerShell support to us!

Last note
Some of you have asked, so here it is. While Mike and I are still looking for a third member (Rusty?) We have begun the PowerShell Trio Group. I have no idea why, but it’s fun. In the picture below is Mike Pfeiffer, myself, and the great Simon Allardice (temporary member)

Have a wonderful Month, see ya next month on May 5th!

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