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February 1st, 2012 – Advanced tool making with Joel Reed!

This month we have one of our own, Joel Reed,  demonstrating the process of building advanced tools.  Joel is very active in the community (see his blog) and brings a great perspective on turning your scripts into enterprise tools!

Remember, the meeting runs from 6:00 – 8:00pm Arizona time. If you can’t make it to InterfaceTT for the meeting, join us remotely here: (


Microsoft PowerShell is a primarily a shell, an environment to manage just one thing or even many things. It is also a powerful and extensible enterprise tool. Many Microsoft product groups contribute additional tools on top of the shell; Exchange, Sharepoint, and SQL Server. There are also many 3rd party vendors that provide PowerShell tools; VMware, NetApp, and Cisco. It is also likely that there are PowerShell scripts and commands you have developed for your enterprises that solve unique problems or automate your own singular processes. One of the “Powers” in PowerShell is brought out through its advanced toolmaking capabilities. Understanding even the basics of advanced PowerShell toolmaking can help you take your scripts and commands to the next level. Learning and understanding how advanced functions handle parameters and building custom objects are the basics. Utilizing these with your own scripts and commands can quickly put your PowerShell tools on par with those from Microsoft and other vendors.


“Joel is currently employed as a Systems Engineer at a large real estate and relocation services company. He has worked in IT for nearly 14 years. During which time he has managed a plethora of technology systems, mostly of the Windows variety. In his spare time he enjoys tinkering with electronics and all things mechanical, learning how things work. This often involves breaking things.”


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